That's a wrap! We said goodbye to the Friends characters over 15 years ago, but it seems the memories live on in both fans' and the cast members' hearts. Lisa Kudrow revealed that Matthew Perry gifted her a prop set at the end of the series, and you might not have noticed it hanging out in Monica and Rachel's kitchen during the 10 seasons.

During a virtual interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the host quickly noticed some Friends memorabilia on the bookshelf Kudrow was sitting in front of. 

He pointed out a set of bobbleheads featuring the six main characters which Kudrow showed to the camera and added that they look nothing like the real cast members. 

Continuing on talks about the 1994 sitcom, Kimmel asked the 56-year-old if she took any mementos with her when the series ended.  

"Well, I was given one," Kudrow responded, pointing to the cookie jar sitting behind on her on a bookshelf. The jar is shaped like a clock with the words "Cookie Time" painted on.

The actress explained that Perry gave it to her as a wrap gift and it came from the kitchen in Monica and Rachel's apartment.

"It's funny to us because...we're shooting a scene, years before we were finished, and my line was, 'Oh, I better get going!'"

Kudrow added, "Except I didn’t have a watch. It was too late when I realized I don't have a watch, how do I know, 'Oh, I have to get going'? And so, as the words were coming out, I went oh good there's a clock and I gestured to that and said 'Oh, look at the time, I gotta get going!'"

A laughing Kudrow explained that after they got done shooting, Perry asked, "Did you point to the cookie jar and say 'Look at the time'?"

The Friends cast were set to have a reunion for HBO Max on May 27 but the actress behind Phoebe Buffay explained that it got postponed until a later date.

In the meantime, you can catch Kudrow as she takes on a new role opposite Stevel Carell in Space Force premiering on Netflix on May 29. 

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