The movie’s Wayne’s World, Austin Powers, and Shrek all have two things in common. The first is they're all known for being notoriously funny. The second is that they all star Canadian comedy legend Mike Myers, but where is he now? The actor's journey through Hollywood was anything but easy, and the reason for his exit from the spotlight may have to do with some of his more controversial work.

After pursuing his comedy career, Myers was successful on Saturday Night Live and a skit on the show is what got him his transition onto the big screen with Wayne's World

Shortly after, he was offered his James Bond spoof, Austin Powers, where he reprised his role in four different films. 

Shrek is where the actor saw the most success with the fourth installment of the franchise gaining him $10 million dollars. 

However, shortly after the series release is when the world began to see less and less of the Canadian celeb

His troubles started way back in 2000 when he was signed onto another film also inspired by an SNL skit, Sprockets. Halfway through production, the comedian left citing issues with the script. 

The bail resulted in two lawsuits from Universal studios one of which was $30 million dollars. 

After years of meetings and court dates, Myers and the creators of the movie set their lawsuits aside to produce his live-action Cat in the Hat film. 

However, not only did the movie tank at the box office, but reviews spotted the inappropriateness of adding crude humour into a children's film. 

Dr.Seuss's wife herself flung into action and prohibited any other live-actions of her husband's work be made. 

While his million-dollar lawsuits and crude humour were enough to send the number of offers he was receiving down the drain (he revealed in a 2014 interview that he had only been offered 15 film offers since 1991), former co-stars and directors also spoke up about his antics on set. 

His Cat in the Hat co-star Amy Hilla, in an interview with The A.V. Club. claimed he was a "diva." 

The director from Wayne's World also similarily revealed to EW that he was "emotionally needy" and "difficult." 

Over the years he's attempted to release movies like The Love Guru, but like the comedy, they've all tanked at the box office. 

He recently however made a comeback in Bohemian Rhapsody will a small role as music executive Ray Foster. 

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