First dates are usually full of awkward small talk, sweaty palms, and a lot of nervousness. With first dates often filled with pressure, one couple decided to head out to a concert to break the ice. However, the couple got more than they bargained for when they got called out by Shawn Mendes in the middle of their first date in front of thousands of people at his concert in Ottawa this past weekend.

In the video shared by a fan, Shawn Mendes spots a young couple in the crowd and asks whether or not it's their first date. When the couple reply with shy nods, the crowd, including Mendes, bursts into applause. Shawn then asks the couple if they want to share their first kiss in front of the crowd. Although they seem nervous they both smile and nod and go ALL IN. 

Well, that couple definitely has a memorable first date and first kiss that'll last them a lifetime. It seems like Shawn Mendes is trying to get everyone on the same level as him and his new girlfriend Camila Cabello

This isn't the first time Mendes has recognized fans either. In fact, Mendes is known for caring about and interacting with his fans more than other celebrities. He recently just got a tattoo that was designed by a fan

He also does a Q & A for VIP pass holder on top of the meet and greets, something that's very rare to find with artists as big as him. 

Not only does Mendes spread the love with his fans but his fans spread it right back. For his 21st birthday, they started an entire Twitter account dedicating to wishing him a happy birthday and for edits made by fans! 

Shawn Mendes continues his tour with two shows in Montreal on August 20 and 21! If you're planning on bringing a date, be prepared, because Mendes might spot you in the crowd! 




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