Give this man a key to the province already. Ryan Reynolds has never been shy about his love for Canada, and despite being born in Vancouver, the Deadpool star holds nothing back when it comes to supporting Ontario. Whether he’s donating to a local charity or helping out a group of young filmmakers, Reynolds is constantly warming our big Ontarian hearts. 

And truthfully, we can’t get enough. 

Reynolds has always been a stellar guy, we know this. But his appreciation for the province has only become more apparent amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The former Ottawa resident seems to hold an extra special place in his heart for Ontario’s capital in particular. 

Between large donations to various Ottawa charities and his upcoming interview with a group of 11-year old kids from the city, it’s clear that once you’re a Vanier boy, you’re always a Vanier boy. 

But, don’t worry, Ryan hasn’t forgotten about the 6ix either. 

In fact, heartwarming interactions with the west-coast actor have spread as far as Cobourg, Sudbury, and Barrie, Ont. 

So if you’re looking for something to make you smile, we’ve got just what you need. 

Simply take a peek at the list below and get ready for some truly heart-warming content.

Canada, Born And Raised

Okay, so this isn't Ontario-specific, but the RR love spreads all across the country.

During the April 26 airing of Stronger Together, Reynolds credited Canada for raising him and even said the country taught him empathy.

Which might be the sweetest thing we've ever heard. Sorry, not sorry.

No Role Too Small

Remember that one time you got a Hollywood A-lister on your amateur TIFF project?

Yep, Reynolds narrated a movie for some Barrie teenagers a couple of years ago and he went above and beyond for the role. All they had to do was slide into his DMs to ask.

Now that's the dream.

That Time He Became An Ottawa Meme

When Reynolds was caught on camera celebrating Canada Day alone on Parliament Hill, Ottawa took quickly to Twitter for a light-hearted laugh. 

"Ryan Reynolds sitting by himself at the parliament hill Canada Day celebration is a f*****g mood," one tweet reads. You got that right.

Ottawa, Forever In His Heart

Once an Ottawan, always an Ottawan. Reynolds continues to show support for his former stomping grounds in the form of donations. 

Places like the Ottawa Food Bank and the Distress Centre of Ottawa have received some serious recent love from the Deadpool star.

The Bromance We Never Knew We Needed

As the bustling bromance between Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Reynolds continues, fans suggest the Vancouver-born actor should have a key to the city already.

And with all of the recent donations sent to the capital, we can't help but agree. Besides, let's not forget Reynolds is a former resident of the city. 

COVID-19 Efforts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Reynolds has been doing his part to help out, especially in Ontario.

Reynolds and Canadian hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser joined forces to offer a bunch of sweet gifts to Torontonians in exchange for medical supplies.

He's also been handing out digital high-fives to people from Durham College and Cobourg, Ontario for their pandemic efforts.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

The virtual shoutouts don't stop in Cobourg.

Reynolds recently called Ontario Premier Doug Ford to rave about the "miraculous" work the "Conquer COVID-19" team has been doing. 

And it seems the appreciation is a two-way street.

SickKids Virtual Visit

Always charitable, Reynolds was naturally among the many stars to appear on the SickKids Hospital daily call-in show. 

The Detective Pikachu star, along with Pikachu himself, chatted with the kids about movies and thin-crust pizza.

His Unbeleafable Gift For Toronto

Not only did Reynolds' iconic ugly Christmas sweater support a great cause, but he also let Toronto Maple Leaf, Auston Matthews borrow it.

Yep, pretty much the best gift Leafs fans could ask for. But who wore it best, that's the real question.

Animal Lovers

What do Ryan Reynolds and a tarantula from Ontario have in common? Well, apparently they both love Blake Lively. Then again, who doesn't?

According to an article in E! Online, the couple came to an animal center in Sudbury back in 2013 to get up close and personal with some local critters. 

Now that's the kind of web content we hang around for.

Pediatric Centre Visit

Attending the Oscars? Nah.

Back in 2013, Reynolds and Lively ditched the fancy award show to instead cheer up patients in a pediatric hospital in Sudbury, Ont. 

An award-winning act of kindness, if you ask us.

That Time His Critics' Choice Dedication Made Us Cry

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Reynolds dedicated his 2016 Critics' Choice award to two Ontario kids who recently lost their battle with cancer. 

In an Instagram post, he wrote: "My friend Connor McGrath would have been 14 years old tomorrow.

He isn't here now, but he stuck around long enough to make everyone he knew fall over laughing." Excuse us for a moment.

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