Toronto's "Champagne Papi" is certainly having himself a good birthday week. On Monday, Drake had an early party celebrating his 33rd birthday in Los Angeles. It made news when his ex Rihanna showed up and they seemed to have themselves a good time. And yesterday, Drake's Toronto Raptors Championship ring was shown off on Instagram.

Drake wrote in his story that both he and jeweller, Jason of Beverly Hills worked on designing the custom ring for the self-proclaimed "6 God". And according to Complex, the ring is valued at a whopping $150,000 with "over 30 carats of diamonds". If Drake spent that much on a ring for himself, imagine the rock his future fiancee will get.

Drake posted a few photos on his Instagram of the rings, showing them off to so many jealous fans. One photoset featured a close up of his custom ring next to the official Raptors Championship ring

Then he posted another photo of him actually wearing the bling, which is absolutely massive and looks more like wrist rings. Tons of comments pointed out the fact that they're "really big rings", quoting Drake's 2015 song "Big Rings"

On his Instagram story, Drake wrote that he wished he could be with his Raptors brothers in Toronto, to celebrate the release of the rings. But right now, he's likely still in Los Angeles following his birthday party there. 

Check out the blingy rings that were originally posted on his Instagram story below. 

The Toronto Raptors shared photos of the rings on their Twitter account, showing every angle of the giant ring. The first photo shows the top of it which features the word "NORTH" in front of the Toronto skyline. One side says "WORLD CHAMPIONS 2019" and the third side is customized for each player with their name and jersey number. Lining the ring are the jersey numbers of all the players on the 2019 team roster. 

Do you think Drake's custom ring is over the top or just enough? We can only imagine how much that rock weighs! 

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