Praise this kind-hearted Canadian! Shawn Mendes donated $175,000 to SickKids in Toronto to help support their COVID-19 efforts. He partnered with The Shawn Mendes Foundation which launched last summer.

According to ET Canada, the donation will go towards supplies and equipment needed to treat children at the hospital located in downtown Toronto.

Mendes announced the news in a post yesterday writing, "The @shawnfoundation & I have been working to find ways to best support COVID-19 relief efforts, and to direct our resources to where we can make a difference."

He continued, "We've made a donation to @sickkidssvs hospital this week to help support the urgent screening and prevention of COVID-19 in my hometown of Toronto. For the next month, all donations to The Shawn Mendes Foundation will go towards SickKids Hospital & relief efforts around the world by the @WHO."

ET Canada added a statement from Ted Garrard, Chief Executive Officer of the SickKids Foundation. Garrard shared, "We are so grateful to Shawn and The Shawn Mendes Foundation for their continued support of SickKids Foundation and our hospital here in Toronto. This generous and timely donation will assist our hospital with increased efforts in prevention and screening of COVID-19."

Billboard claims that The Shawn Mendes Foundation was created back in August 2019 with the goal to "inspire and empower his wide-reaching fanbase to learn about and act on global causes they're passionate about."

They reportedly first collaborated with SickKids to raise $1 million on the launch date.

Mendes also joined other Canadian celebs who were asked by Prime Minister Trudeau to send a message to Canada to help #PlankTheCurve. He was tagged by Vancouver born Seth Rogen.

In his video, the 21-year-old said, "Basically we're starting this little chain of Canadians spreading the word of social distancing. So again I just want to say stay inside, understand that the quicker everybody realizes how serious this is, the quicker we can all go back to our normal lives."

Mendes continued, "Be kind to yourself, be kind to the people around you. I'm thinking about you guys. Take care." He tagged Drake and Shania Twain to carry on the message as well. 

That came a few days after the Pickering born singer posted a video on Instagram with a similar message.

He told fans, "I'm sending all of my love out to every single one of you. Please take care of each other and take care of yourselves." 

Mendes added the caption, "Hey, I know times are scary right now but I just wanted to check in with you all. Please stay safe and make sure to look out for each other and for yourselves. It’s so important to stay in a healthy mindset through all of this. Give yourself the patience and love you deserve. We’re all here together."

The "In My Blood" singer has been quite absent from social media lately. That's because back in February, Top Buzz Times reported that he was taking a break from the internet to focus on creating his fourth album. 

Over the past week, he started popping back online. He even shared in an Instagram Live over the weekend that he is social distancing with his girlfriend Camila Cabello. They're using this newfound free time to chain watch Harry Potter movies too. 

Mendes wrapped up a world tour in December so he is not one of the many celebs who must postpone concerts due to the pandemic. 

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