Whether you really care or not, chances are pretty good that by now you're aware of the Raptors 4-2 victory in the NBA Finals last night. Because it's the first time a Canadian team has taken home the championship, it's a pretty big deal and I definitely understand where all the hype is coming from, but some Raptors fans have made a confession - Raptors fans admit they only love the team because of Canadian celebrities.

When you're a fan of a celebrity, whether you like it or not, they definitely hold a certain level of influence over you. If you see a Kardashian wearing a new swimsuit brand, you're probably going to want to get one for yourself. Similarly, if you see Drake cheering for the Raptors, you're going to want to cheer even louder.

Everyone knows that throughout the finals, Drake has been just about the biggest Raptors fan, whether he was sitting courtside at the game or not. Plenty of other Canadian celebrities have been known to cheer for our boys in the 6ix as well, like Wayne Gretzky and Shawn Mendes.

Since the game ended last night, a lot of Raptors fans have taken to Twitter to make a confession - they really only root for the team because their favourite celebrities are Canadian, or are Raptors fans in America:

Honestly, it's not like we're mad about all the love we're getting from fans in the States, and all across the world. The Raptors fought hard to win the championship last night and made the whole country incredibly proud, whether you're an avid basketball fan or not.

Now that the series is over, things in the 6ix are sure to cool down once people are finally done celebrating. There is one burning question that Raptors fans want answers to ASAP though, and that's whether Kawhi Leonard will be re-signing to the team for next season or not. 

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