A lot of people love fall, and if you're anything like the influencers on Instagram you're probably sitting at home in a comfy sweater, pumpkin spice latte in hand, while Halloween themed movies play on your TV. But others love fall specifically for everything Halloween, and by others, we mean a lot of Canadian celebrities. It makes sense that some of Canada's most well-known actors would be into dressing up, it is after all just like playing a character. Whatever their reason for loving the holiday, these Canadian Celebs love Halloween so much that they go all out every year. 

Each of these celebs has their own quirks for Halloween, which sometimes don't even include dressing up, they just love the decorations or in good old Canadian spirit, use the holiday to raise money for charity. It's so great to see Canadian celebs participating in a holiday that all of Canada enjoys celebrating. So before you make plans for Halloween this year, check out this list to see if you can draw inspiration from these celebs. 

Ryan Reynolds 

As his Instagram will probably show you, Ryan Reynolds loves any excuse to dress up as Deadpool. So is it really a surprise he would go all out for Halloween? Back in 2015 Ryan Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool to film a Halloween themed video with some child fans of his. Now that he has 2 children (and one on the way), he'll no doubt continue his extra-ness trends on Halloween. Maybe this year he'll be Pikachu? Or maybe a character from his new movies! 

Seth Rogen

Halloween is typically a time to be scary or creeped out, but a lot of people take the opportunity to dress up as something hilarious. Seth Rogen is one of those people. Each year Rogen throws a Halloween charity bash event for his organization Hilarity for Charity. He's known for having multiple costumes ready, for quick changes throughout the event. In 2016, he had a record number of costumes; 8! He even dressed as Bob Ross. We can't wait to see what he pulls out of the closet this year. 

The Rock

If you follow The Rock on social media you know just how family oriented he is. That family orientation 100% stretches into Halloween. He dresses up with his family every year and has even inspired other families' costumes. His most iconic costume so far has to be when he dressed up at The Incredible Hulk. It was so iconic that even the late Stan Lee commented on his creation. Maybe he'll have a family group costume this year! 

Ryan Gosling

When we think about Canadian celebs who take Halloween super seriously, Ryan Gosling probably isn't the first name to come to mind, but he loves the holiday! He once admitted on the Ellen Degeneres Show that he keeps up his Halloween decorations all year long. He just can't get enough of the spookiness. He also said it's a day he looks forward to all year. If you think about it, it does make sense. He has two daughters with Eva Mendes to celebrate the tradition with after all! 


Drake has the ultimate excuse to make a huge deal out of Halloween. His birthday is literally one week before the big day. You bet he takes advantage of his October 24th birthday. Just last year he threw a huge Halloween themed birthday party after a concert in San Fransisco. It was 2000's themed costume specific but a Halloween party nonetheless. We can't wait to see what bash he decides to throw this year. 

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