Always fresh, always celeb-approved! Tim Hortons is considered a true Canadian staple. However, it’s not only kept its popularity in Canada but has moved to become a coffee shop that even some of Hollywood’s elite celebs enjoy.

Whether they’re into the coffee, the Timbits, or the over the top Canadian vibe, these next few celebs have never been afraid of sporting the company’s red packaging in public.

Some of these stars have even done a collaboration with Tim Hortons in the past!

Shawn Mendes

Canadian artist Shawn Mendes has been a huge advocate for the coffee chain. Not only has he been spotted indulging in their goods, but just last year he was a part of an entire Tim Hortons campaign.

Upon returning to Toronto for his first at home stadium tour, he was honoured with coffee cups that featured his picture, a commercial, and even had a Tim Hortons food truck outside the venue for his concert.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber has always shared his Tim Hortons adventures with fans on social media and since marrying Hailey Bieber, the two have only continued to share how much they love the brand.

From playing pranks in the franchises drive-thrus to complaining about the new cup lids implemented, and even getting Tim Hortons shipped to their home in LA, no amount of Tim Hortons is enough for these two.


Tim Hortons has even gotten presidential. When Obama visited Toronto back in 2019 not only did he attend a Raptors game at the Scotiabank Arena, but he was also spotted sipping from a Tim Hortons cup.

Tessa Virtue

Canada’s sweetheart ice dancer Tessa Virtue has also been spotted sporting a Tim Hortons mug. Not only that but alongside her partner Scott Moir, the two were presented an exclusive Tessa and Scott donut that was sold at their Ontario hometown, Ilderton’s, Tim Hortons.

Tristan Thompson

Basketball player Tristan Thompson didn’t just purchase something from Tim Hortons when he visited back in 2016, he brought them a gift!

Thompson took inspiration from Sidney Crosby bringing the Stanley Cup to a local Tim Hortons and decided to bring the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy with him.

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