Ryan Reynolds is possibly the funniest, most amazing Hollywood actor to ever come from Canada. His quick wit, hilarious Twitter and role as Deadpool has Canadians across the nation proud to call him one of us. 

If you haven't experienced his obscene crass sense of humour, let me enlighten you. His humour is exactly like his anti-hero counterpart. If you've seen Deadpool, you'd know that Ryan's sense of humour is super crude, hilarious and dripping in sarcasm. 

Here are some examples. 

Basically, he's all about the laughs on Twitter.

So, back to the story at hand. When IBTimes India posted an article about Ryan Reynolds and his struggling marriage to Blake Lively, he just had to respond. 

The original tweet read, "Deadpool Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively struggling to spend 'quality time'." Ryan couldn't help himself but respond in his typical sarcastic fashion.

Ryan's tweet read, "I wish. I could use a little "me time"." We can't stop laughing. Ryan shut down those rumours quickly with that one line.

Ryan and Blake have been married since 2012. They have an adorably funny relationship, they're always making fun of each other online. They also have two children together, Ines and James. 

The Canadian comedian can't stop himself from responding to the haters. He knew that it was the perfect way to stop those rumours from spreading in their tracks. 

This just goes to show, don't mess with Ryan Reynolds. He will shut you down just for the amusement of his 10.3 million followers. 

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