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Cardi B And Her Fans Are Furious AF After Learning About This Heartless Internet Scam

Someone thought they could pull one over on Cardi B's fans with an email scam, but they were wrong.

Do NOT mess with Cardi B. Seriously, when are people going to learn? This afternoon, Cardi B took to Instagram to slam someone who set up an email scam in her name. This Billy McFarland-esque grifter is trying to get money out of people and saying it's for autism research. You know Cardi wasn't about to take something like this lying down.

Cardi B posted a screenshot of the fraudulent email after a friend who received it forwarded it to her. The email is totally whack with random words capitalized, misspellings and weird punctuation/spacing. It asks fans to help Cardi and her team raise $30 million to "give support to individuals with autism." As for how much each person should donate, the scammer wrote: "We are not making it compulsory on a specific amount for every one [sic] but we want something reasonable from Every one [sic]..." Ummm, okay???

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To say Cardi B was mad would be an understatement. In the caption for the Instagram post, she wrote: "THIS SHIT IS FAKE! FAKE DONATION SHIT! Ya wild disgusting taking advantage of real kind people who wanna make a change but ya scamming!" Cardi's fans shared her sentiments in the comments. One user wrote, "This is honestly heartbreaking on so many levels." Several fans said they have relatives with autism and can't believe someone would do something like this. 

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No word on who is behind the scam, but moving forward, Cardi wants her fans to know this: "If it don't come from my mouth don't believe it!" Trust that if the rapper needs our help raising money for a cause, we'll hear about it in one of her now-classic Instagram videos. 

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