Cardi B, pregnant or not, will definitely be putting on a crazy show at Coachella this year. She's been explicit when saying, she won't let a pregnancy stop her from headlining this huge event.

Unfortunately, while preparing for her big show, she may have stepped on the toes of another great performer, the one and only, Beyonce.

What happened, you ask? Let us tell you. 

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You may remember years back when Katy Perry allegedly stole Taylor Swift's backup dancers from her Red tour which sparked their never-ending feud. Seriously, they're still fighting to this day.

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Well, Cardi B may have just done the exact same thing to Beyonce.

Both Beyonce and Cardi B are set to perform at Coachella this year. Both singers have been preparing for their individual performances for months. But apparently, Cardi B wants this to be her most epic performance yet, so she went on a hiring spree. 

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According to TMZ, Beyonce fired about 20 of her backup dancers earlier this week. About a dozen of them hit up Cardi's team in hopes of getting into her Sunday show.

Cardi is now planning to hire four or five of Beyonce's ex-dancers in order to make her show even more epic. 

We're hoping this doesn't start another war like it did with Taylor and Katy, but who knows. I wouldn't want to step on Beyonce's toes, that's for sure.

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