It seems like just yesterday Anna Faris and Chris Pratt broke our hearts after announcing their divorce this past Summer. While the pair have been co-parenting their son and claim to be in each other's good books, Pratt has been rumoured to have been seeing just about every single actress that's semi-relevant. Emphasis on rumoured to be with. The latest gossip was that he was seeing Olivia Munn.

You may know her from X-Men or Magic Mike, or maybe her relationship with ex-boyfriend and Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Regardless, the lesser known actress seemed like the last person who would run into and start dating Chris Pratt, which is exactly why so many people believed it!

Though the actress was quick to squash the rumours, but she didn't just stop at telling tabloids the rumours were fake.. she actually sent a text to none other than Anna Faris about it!

Via @oliviamunn

If the text interaction wasn't awkward enough, considering Munn could have easily just let the rumors sort themselves out, she ended up putting a screenshot of the chat on her Instagram story. Was this really necessary?! While Munn's heart was definitely in the right place, it probably would have been better left unsaid and to have just let the rumors fizzle out on their own.

Though Anna totally handled it with grace considering that has got to hands down be one of the weirder texts she's gotten in her lifetime. Especially considering that the original rumour didn't get nearly as big until Munn messaged her about it!

While it's definitely one of the more awkward celeb moments of 2018 so far, at least we know that Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn aren't a thing! The actress even noted that their couple names would be atrocious... #Colivia anybody?

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