It's that time of year again! Weekend one of Coachella has come and gone, and all your favourite influencers have spammed Instagram with their outfits from the festival. People have referred to 'chella as "the influencer Olympics", and I think it's safe to say that's the most accurate description out there. People always look forward to seeing amazing outfits from the festival, but of course, there are always some duds worth laughing at too. Here are the best & worst dressed celebrities from Coachella weekend one:

With such a killer lineup, everyone who's anyone wanted to be at Coachella this year. Hailey & Justin Bieber showed up, Willow Smith showed up to support her brother Jaden at his performance, and Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner both made an appearance, although not together. So much happened this weekend, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for weekend two!

Best: Vanessa Hudgens

For years now Vanessa has been referred to as the Coachella Queen, and this year was no exception. Her looks all weekend were stellar, but this is easily one of my favourites - the silk dress and fuzzy slides combo proves that comfort really is key, especially at Coachella.

Worst: Logan Paul

I think the most important lesson we can learn from this photo is that no matter how many beautiful girls he surrounds himself with, Logan Paul will never look as good as them. Honestly, this look is just creepy.

Best:  JoJo

Just because you haven't heard much from JoJo since the Too Little Too Late days doesn't mean she's totally fallen off the radar, and the girl DEFINITELY knows how to dress. She shared some photos of this all red 'fit on Instagram yesterday, and people can't stop talking about it.

Worst: Bella Thorne

If we're being honest, I totally forgot about Bella Thorne until about five minutes ago - she's been pretty lowkey lately, but she did debut this interesting look at Coachella over the weekend. I still can't figure out if she stapled some paper to her shorts, or if those are pockets.

Best: Gigi Hadid

A lot of models and influencers wear different variations of the same outfit at festivals like Coachella, but I think Gigi did an awesome job of subtly switching things up. The pop of colour and the layered accessories make for a perfectly stylish and unique look.

Worst: Billie Eilish

I really do think she has the voice of an angel, but one thing I don't understand about Billie Eilish is her style. I understand that oversized means comfort, but I have a few questions about the pajamas paired with the mask and those sunglasses.

Best: Jaden Smith

If you missed Jaden's Coachella performance, you're gonna wanna look for some footage ASAP. Not only did he perform on top of a flying Tesla, but he also looked totally badass doing it. He and his sister Willow are always known for pushing fashion boundaries and looking awesome, and last weekend was no exception. 

Worst: Winnie Harlow

I really do feel like Winnie could've brought so much more to her Coachella look this year - the two-piece neon suit with chunky sneakers is so overdone, and the rest of her outfits over the weekend were very forgettable.

Best: Shanina Shaik

Shanina kills it in lingerie on the Victoria's Secret runway, and while hanging out at Coachella - that takes talent. Her looks all through the weekend were totally versatile, from a gorgeous floral dress at Revolve Festival to a badass biker chick look at 'chella.

Worst: Halsey

Halsey wanted to bring back early 2000s fashion for the weekend, but I really wish she didn't. She paired some bright red cowboy boots with a bedazzled hat and an all-leather look, and I have no words other than "Why?". She does look incredibly happy with her boyfriend though!

Best: Brad Goreski

I don't love all of Brad's looks from the weekend (the owl tracksuit and bucket hat combo still has me confused), but I think that this one is super awesome, and it looks mega-comfy to boot! He posted the above photo to Instagram yesterday, saying that he brought out the Dior for Ariana Grande's performance.

Worst: Larsa Pippen

Someone commented "are you having a midlife crisis?" on this photo of Larsa, and honestly, I'm wondering the same thing. Her outfit looks like one of my dance costumes from 10 years ago, and her braids are screaming "cultural appropriation!!!". Not only is her outfit bad, but she was also spotted flirting with her BFFs ex-husband, which isn't a good look for anyone.

Best: Brandi Cyrus

You don't hear about Miley and Noah's older sister often, but I think we should all give her a lot more credit for her killer outfits. I'm a big fan of the orange patterned jump suit, but pairing it with bright white boots makes for the perfect Coachella pop.

Worst: Kylie Jenner

This may be an unpopular opinion, but Kylie's Coachella looks really didn't do it for me this year. The denim on denim paired with a bucket hat was questionable, but this sparkly dress and gloves combo has me asking questions as well. Most importantly, who let her leave the house like that?

Best: Romee Strijd

Between Revolve and Coachella, Romee had endless looks over the weekend, and she killed every single one of them. She manages to seamlessly transition between all white, all black, and fun, bright colours while still looking angelic in all of them.

Worst: Liam Payne

Coachella is the time to throw on your best outfits and dress to impress, not time to flex your new gym shorts, Liam! Just because you're a dad now doesn't mean it's time to lose your sense of style.

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