Once upon a time, Bachelor fans everywhere rejoiced at the idea of Dean Unglert being our next Bachelor. When he was cast for ABC's popular Bachelor spin off, Bachelor in Paradise, we thought this would be the perfect time for him to rack up fans just like Nick Viall did last summer, making him the perfect candidate for a season lead. 

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However, Dean has done the unthinkable and transitioned from a lovable, goofy, sweetheart into a total fuckboy. If you'll remember, we touched on Dean's douchey tendencies at the beginning of the season, but prayed that he would change his ways. Unfortunately for us, Kristina and DLo, that simply was not and is not the case. 

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Dean has been bamboozling both Kristina - best known from Nick's season as a Russian orphan (really) - and Danielle L - best known for being the world's most boring piece of eye candy. To be clear - Dean and Kristina originally hit it off when the show first began and even decided to road trip home together when production ceased. Everyone thought they were a super strong paradise couple until Danielle L swept in and subsequently swept Dean off his feet. 

In last night's episode, Dean spoke more candidly about him juggling two women quite literally in front of each other. (Dude made out with Danielle in FRONT of Kristina?? How DARE you.) Dean got real with Jasmine saying, "I like two girls right now, and it's f*cked up to feel that way, because they both deserve better. I know that Kristina cares about me and I care about her, but there's something in me that cares about Danielle, as well."

via @deanie_babies

UGH. Whatever. You big, blue-eyed, wide-smiled DBAG. Dean decided to dump Kristina on last night's episode to solidify his relationship with DLo. Honestly, I think this was the shallowest decision on the show to date and ya, I'm hella pissed about it. Then, on top of everything, he has the AUDACITY to share this Instagram with Kristina captioned "You were out of my league." 

WOW do I hate this. Just because a guy is aware that he's shitty doesn't make him any less shitty folks!!! Kristina hasn't responded to the pic at all, btw, as a true boss bitch would. And Danielle L has since private her Instagram. Wonder what kind of comments she's been getting these days...

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