Demi Lovato described the best prank she's ever pulled on Twitter yesterday, but her fans didn't find it very funny. Demi found herself in hot water after revealing that her "funniest prank ever" involved hiring a sex worker to touch her bodyguard's junk without his permission.

"I hired a lady of the night in Vegas and sent her to Max's hotel room to surprise him," Demi tweeted, "She walked into his room without permission and grabbed his 'area' and he freaked the f*ck out hahahahaha"

Fans were quick to call Demi out for the prank, claiming that she essentially hired someone to "sexually assault" her bodyguard, and exploiting the sex worker in the process. "This 'prank' by @ddlovato is an incredibly dangerous and disrespectful thing to do to a sex worker," one person tweeted, "this is pretty disgusting."

But, Demi immediately defended herself against the hate. "For all those coming at me rn, listen to the lyrics of Warrior and maybe you'll have more compassion or someone who made a simple mistake," Demi tweeted yesterday, "Of all people I know about sexual abuse. You don't have to educate me."

She tweeted an apology immediately afterwards, but also took a minute to voice her frustration. "I swear I could tweet something about craving jelly beans and it would offend someone," she said.

Demi's bodyguard also piped up about the prank controversy. "Really! You all need to 'Grow Up!', he tweeted, "It was a joke and a fun prank from someone whose incredible to work for and with. And does everything she can for her fans, family and friends. Love you @ddlovato."

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Still, some fans refused to accept her apology. One person tweeted, "demi lovato tried to cover up her sexual assault 'prank' by promoting her music." 

Poor Demi can't escape the criticism.

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