Did Jennifer Lawrence Just Hit On Scott Disick?!

This is a new level of weird.

You might remember that Jennifer Lawrence is a huge Kardashian's superfan...and that she recently broke it off with her older, director boyfriend Darren Aronofsky. Aronofsky directed the critically acclaimed move, Mother!, in which Lawrence starred. He was a whole 22-years older than Lawrence and not nearly as fun, making it pretty obvious to see why the two split in the first place. 

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Someone much more on J-Law's level? Scott Disick, of course. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's sense of humour is right up there with Jenn's, which makes us think the two could be a much better match. Disick, 34, would get along amazingly with Jenn - especially since she's much closer to him in age than his current girlfriend, 19-year old Sofia Richie. 

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When Jenn sat down with Oprah and The Hollywood Reportershe was asked what 3 people she'd like to have dinner with, Scott Disick was at the top of her list. While she didn't give any explanation as to why she'd dine with Disick over, let's say, Oprah herself?? Jenn added, "It comes from the heart." 

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Hopefully Sofia Richie's not too jealous - there are few men that would deny Jennifer Lawrence. Scott has yet to respond to her comments, but hopefully we'll see these two out for dinner sometime soon. 

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