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Did Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram Page Just Get Hacked?!

Uhm, what just happened?

If you're a religious follower of Kylie Jenner's Instagram account as well as her makeup brand @kyliecosmetics, then you would've seen this today...

Via kyliejenner

Uhm, what just happened? 

It seems as though Kylie's cosmetic Instagram has been hacked! Even when you look up @kyliecosmetics, the handle no longer seems to exist. If you type in the handle in the URL, you will notice that a "Sorry, this page does not exist" message will pop up.

Instead of seeing Kylie's cosmetic handle, you'll actually recognize another familiar Kardashian-Jenner name pops up, @kriscosmetics.

Via Instagram.com

So who's the hacker? As it turns out, Kylie's mother, Kris Jenner has lovingly and mischievously taken over Kylie's makeup Instagram account for her very own cosmetic collab drop with Kylie for Mother's Day.

This is legit the cutest prank ever.

Way to go, Kris. Can't wait for your new makeup collab drop with Kylie!

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