We literally can't breathe because we can't stop laughing - that's how funny this story is. As you may already know, Drake and Pusha T have been in the middle of a rapping feud and Drake just got the last laugh in.

Pusha T just released an album in collaboration with Kanye West, which initiated the beef between Pusha T and Drake. It started when Pusha T called out Drake for using a ghostwriter for his songs.

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Drake responded by releasing a diss track "Duppy freestyle" where he said, "tell Ye we got a invoice coming to you." Pusha T responded to the song by quote tweeting the Soundcloud link and saying "send the invoice for the extra 20 then."

Well, it looks like Drake came through on his promise and the shade is REAL. 

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Drake posted this document on his Instagram of an invoice for Pusha T for $100,000 for "promotional assistance and career reviving". 

Drake basically just told Pusha T that the only reason he's relevant is because he started a feud with the Canadian rapper. This is seriously savage. 

As we know, when Drake gets into a feud it usually lasts a long time. We don't see this feud cooling down anytime soon.

Source: The Fader, TMZ.

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