Drake didn't spare a single detail about his not-so secret son on his new album Scorpion. The album dropped on Friday and already has 435 million streams, smashing records and topping Billboard charts in just three days. 

Fans are still dumbstruck at all the major bombshells Drake dropped on the album, and have even uncovered some revelations of their own.

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This weekend, one brilliant fan unearthed a crazy conspiracy theory about Drake's son in a tweet, which instantly went viral. The theory is about his son's name, Adonis Mahbed Graham, and the fifth track on the new album, "God's Plan." The tweet has been liked 134,000 times, and re-tweeted 62,000 times.

Even if you don't know the lyrics to "God's Plan," there's a good chance you recognize this iconic verse - "She say, 'Do you love me?' I tell her, 'Only partly, I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry.'" 

According to the conspiracy theory, this line has a subliminal message. "Drake's son's name is Adonis Mahbed Graham. So when he said 'I only love Mahbed and my momma I'm sorry' he really does love his son." Mind = BLOWN.

But, some fans have pointed out a major flaw in the theory. "God's plan came out in January. He found out he was the dad in March," one person says. The fan's observation does have merit - according to the last song on the album, Drake found out that the child was his on the 14th of March, as per the song title "March 14."

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Then again, "my bed" and "Mahbed" sound uncannily similar. But, unless Drake ever decides to address it directly, a theory is all it'll ever be.

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