Being a celebrity can be difficult: You're under constant scrutiny for the way you dress, your weight, how you preform, and... how clean your teeth are?

While we can imagine most troll's comments on a celebrity's Instagram page go ignored, there was one comment Drake noticed about his oral health that he just couldn’t let slide.

Last week, the rapper posted an Instagram photo from a night out showing him laughing with friends. Noticing a a spot on the 31-year-old’s tooth, one user commented, "Lmao all that money and your teeth don’t look clean," to which Drake replied: "I have a pink diamond in my tooth… I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies know datttt."

Here's the photo in question:

embedded via

And Drake's response:

@theshaderoomembedded via

You tell 'em, Drizzy. He may be rap music's resident softie, but Drake does not play around when it comes to dental hygiene. 

He's also into some seriously fancy tooth jewellery and one of today's biggest beauty trends: charcoal. In fact, Drake’s top notch reply may have even gotten him free toothpaste for quite a while. Hello Products replied to the rapper's comment: "We got you covered for the next club night! Let us know where to send our activated charcoal paste so you can run through the 6ix with the brightest smile."

We have a feeling that sales of activated charcoal toothpaste have probably risen.

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