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Drake’s Own Fans Claim That He Doesn’t Deserve 7 Grammy Award Nominations And They Make A Good Point

Drake is nominated for Best Album, Song of the Year, and Best Rap Song among others.

Canada's very own 6ix God just cleaned up in the Grammy nomination department. Drake was nominated seven times for the 2019 music awards, including Best Album for "Scorpion", Song of The Year for "God's Plan", and Best Rap Song for both "Sicko Mode" and "God's Plan". 

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This is a huge accomplishment for Drake, who is in second place for the number of nominations this year. The only problem is now that the nominations have been announced, people are coming after Drake saying he doesn't deserve it. Even his own fans.

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Ever since the list of potential Grammy winners came out this morning, people have been taking to Twitter to show how they really feel about Drake's seven nominations and they aren't holding back. 

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While some people are more general in simply stating that Drake doesn't actually deserve a Grammy, others give a bit more details. Some people believe that he isn't talented and simply just says his songs, while others think his music is only for his Canadian supporters who would love him no matter what. 

Even some of his own fans are coming for Drake. One fan specifically put themselves out on the line saying he doesn't deserve the album of the year for "Scorpion". 

Others are calling out the entire award show on behalf of artists that they think got snubbed this year. Some popular names that come up are Ariana Grande or BTS, who each didn't receive a single nomination. 

Regardless of anyone's opinion on the matter, the numbers say it all. Drake was the most streamed artist on Spotify and Apple Music in 2018 and "Scorpion" has dominated the Billboard charts since it came out this past summer. He may have some haters out there, but clearly, the world loves his music.

The Grammys will be held on February 10th, 2019 at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California. 

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