Elon Musk, you know that guy who once put a car in space and broke the internet for about a week.

He also builds cars and seems to be interested in trying to make the world a better place for people.

But he’s taking a lot of flak online right now for his role in the Thai rescue operation. 

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If you somehow haven’t heard, a young soccer team and their coach got lost in some caves and couldn’t get out as the caves flooded

Thankfully today all of them have been successfully rescued, but Elon Musk was there as well and people are accusing him of using the rescue operation as a way of promoting his own business.

Musk had said on Twitter that he wanted to help rescue the team and the coach but seeing as nothing he did was used in the rescue many online are saying he only did this to give his brands more awareness.   

However not everyone agreed, with some saying that Musk obviously wanted to help it just happened that none of his solutions ended up being needed.

At least one person in Thailand Tweeted to Musk directly thanking him for just showing up and trying.

Whatever side of this argument you come down on you can bet that this certainly won't be the last time that Musk takes some heat online for something he does. 

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