It seems like just the other day that hometown singer Shawn Mendes and American model Hailey Baldwin touched down in Toronto for a holiday getaway (and an impromptu photo-op). While Shawn had recently claimed to be single in an interview, the photos of the pair together at Daniel Caeser's concert and the Christmas market definitely prove they are more than just friends, but fans definitely did not expect them to get this serious this fast.

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While it's unknown if Shawn and Hailey spent New Years Eve together, fans of the pair noticed that Hailey was sporting a significantly large new piece of jewelry on the beach. On New Years Day while enjoying the sun, Baldwin wore a massive rock on her ring finger that was impossible to miss.

Via stunninghails

Via stunninghails

While the pair continue to not even be a confirmed couple yet, it's safe to say they are definitely seeing each other. Maybe Baldwin just likes to sport engagement rings on her ring finger as a fashion statement? Or maybe the pair have been together on the low for a lot longer than we've thought!

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