In unexpected celebrity romance news, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are dating now, and they don't care who sees them together. They went on three separate outings as a couple this past Memorial Day long weekend, packing on the PDA and even posing for photos with friends. 

After witnessing her close friend Meghan Markle get married at Windsor Castle, Priyanka looks like she's ready to get serious with the youngest Jonas brother, who's ten years her junior. Romance rumours about Priyanka and Nick first started when they walked the Met Gala red carpet together last year. 

Many of Priyanka's fans aren't thrilled about the news. "Priyanka, as a fellow woman of colour, I am incredible disappointed in you," one Twitter user writers, "Out of all the straight men to choose from, you picked Nick Jonas? a WHITE man?? Sis... that ain't the move. Quantico means NOTHING to me anymore." Ouch!

Another fan responded to the tweet saying, "Priyanka's too smart... she would never date him." Others agree that Priyanka's way out of his league - "Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas dating news makes me want to call her back to India and get her married to someone more deserving."

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One Twitter user calls Nick Jonas "the luckiest man alive" for getting a chance with Priyanka. We don't disagree!

There's also tons of disapproval over the couple's age difference. "Nick was probably around 7 years old when Priyanka was crowned Miss World and now they're dating?" one fan writes, "lol I love her so much but this is just... um no. She's a little too old for him."

One thing everyone seems to agree on is that Priyanka and Nick make a very unlikely pair. They're almost as random as Nicki Minaj and Eminem!

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