Johnny Depp's fans are seriously worried after seeing new pictures of him that are frankly... shocking.

Depp is world-renowned for his acting skills on stage, but in more recent years he's become dishevelled and appears to be less on screen than we're used to. 

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After Depp divorced Amber Heard, she came forward with allegations against Depp for domestic abuse. She also claimed that Depp was high and drunk during the abuse. After the allegations went public, Depp noticeably took a step out of the limelight, while their case was being settled.

After their divorce in 2016, Depp has been in troubling situations again and again. There was the time that he accepted an award at the Hollywood Film Awards visibly drunk. 

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After seeing new photos of the award-winning actor, fans are worried he may partying too hard. In the new pictures, Depp is visibly thin and pale. 

It could be that Depp lost weight for a new role, but fans are concerned that his new rock 'n roll lifestyle is to blame. It looks like it's taking a toll on him physically. 

More recently, Depp was involved in a serious physical altercation on the set of his newest movie, Labyrinth. Depp was reportedly "drinking and smoking" all day before the incident took place. Fans are worried he could be slipping into old habits.

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