When you think of Beyoncé and Jay-Z at a basketball game together you think 'relationship goals', but at last nights NBA final it was anything but that. It was obvious that Beyoncé was cheering on the Warriors last night but aside from their loss, there's another reason she was upset. Jay-Z and Beyoncé sat courtside together and Queen B was definitely not a fan of the woman next to her, who seemed to be trying to chat up her husband. Fans think Beyoncé was annoyed at the Raptors Game

All this speculation started when sports networks posted videos on their social media showing the couple on the big screen. In the video, there's a woman to Beyoncé's left who is constantly leaning over the singer to talk to Jay-Z. We see Beyoncé look away with an annoyed face and then readjust herself so the other woman is nudged away. Take a look at the video that ESPN posted: 

The most hilarious part of this video is that both Jay-Z and the woman, who we now know is the Warriors owners wife, stay oblivious to the whole situation. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the video. They made fun of the unexpectedness of the situation.

There are even photos after the incident that speak for themselves: 

Beyoncé's reaction doesn't come to fans as a surprise especially after her album release, Lemonade, that revolved around the issues in her marriage to Jay-Z.

Maybe they'll be back in their courtside seats for some more drama in Game 4 of the series! One thing is for sure; we can always count on picture-worthy moments from the Carters. 

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