In true Kardashian fashion, the Kardashian-Jenner klan is keeping tight lips when it comes to any future Jenner-ations. 

Kylie in particular has taken a notable absence from public appearances and full-body shots, making fans believe that the 20-year-old is, in fact, pregnant. The self-proclaimed baby boss has yet to confirm or deny whether or not she has a bun in the oven, having been seen in heavy layers, dodging paparazzi and posting cryptic hints on social media.

But one post over the weekend might have just given fans the confirmation they've been looking for.

via @kyliejenner

Kylie - certainly no stranger to extravagant affairs - decided to host Thanksgiving in a lavish, completely pink celebration this year. While orange, yellow and red are usually most people's go-to colours for the occasion, the littlest Jenner decided to opt for the colour most associated with baby girls. Coincidence?

But the pink decor isn't the only thing that threw fans for a loop - it was the desserts too. The makeup connoisseur had turkey-themed, chocolate-covered rice cakes with candy corns, and one had what appeared to be a chocolate baby bump. What do we have to say about that, Kris Jenner?

Kourtney Kardashian posted the photo on Snapchat, making sure to point out the 'pregnant' turkey with a big, blue arrow.

Naturally, no one has confirmed or denied what this all means. It could have referenced one of many things: Third-time mama Kim Kardashian, new mama Khloé Kardashian, or maybe even a terrible baking mistake. 

But one thing is for sure: Jenner won't confirm anything until she's ready. A source close to the family told People: "Kylie isn’t going to publicly address her pregnancy until she gives birth. She’s not doing any public appearances and just wanted to take six months off."

There you have it. We won't know until she wants us to know. Until then, we'll just keep speculating that yes, she's probably pregnant.

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