Of all the Kardashian sisters, a lot of people have said that Kourtney is the least problematic and the most reasonable. If you've watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians over the years, you've probably realized that Kourt is total health nut, and is almost always trying some sort of cleanse (remember when she was drinking cups of butter?). She recently launched a new project called Poosh, but fans think that Kourtney Kardashian's website is totally unrealistic for non-rich people

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Since it launched on Tuesday, April 2nd, Poosh has shared plenty of articles that are all about healthy living and well-being. One of the articles that really stands out is "How to Look Good Naked", which is something that so many of us would love to know more about. Upon clicking on the article though, you'll quickly find that there's over $1,500 in product recommendations - I don't know about you, but I definitely don't have that much money kicking around.

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Another article on Poosh that's really got people talking is Kourtney's Signature Saladwhich really isn't much of a salad at all. It contains hard boiled eggs, avocado, tomato and mozzarella balls - all ingredients that are pretty expensive, especially for lunch for one.

The Kardashians may be filthy rich, but the majority of the people who follow them aren't, and they have a lot to say to Kourtney about Poosh:

A lot of people are comparing Poosh to Gwyneth Paltrow's website, Goop, but they definitely prefer one over the other, and it's not Kourtney's. The launch of the site is still pretty recent, so I think we can all hope that Kourt will take the feedback she's been given and recommend products that are a bit more accessible to her fans.

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