Former Bachelor In Paradise Star Robby Hayes Just Leaked Private Emails Between Him And Ex Amanda Stanton

Real classy move, said no one.

If you’re a fan of the Bachelor In Paradise then we have some couples drama happening in real life and it may be more spicy than anything aired on the actual TV show.

That’s because former star Robby Hayes has just shared some private emails of a fight that he had with his ex Amanda Stanton.

And wow, this is pretty nuts.  

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Hayes took to twitter to post the argument the pair had over email about a Disneyland pass.

Now this all stems from yesterday morning then his ex posted a now deleted tweet about Hayes saying:

“I got a new debit card last month and got an email from an ex this morning forwarding me an email that his Disneyland Annual Pass payment was declined and to update my card info, I sure know how to pick em.”  

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Hayes replied with:

“Lol is this how it happened or was I was trying to help you poor thing? Let’s evaluate below everyone :) (Read the whole thing).”  

He then posted the entire email fight conversation the two had about the Disneyland pass.

The emails show that Hayes forwarded Stanton an email from Disneyland saying that her payment was “severely past due,” to which Stanton stated that she would not be paying for the pass. 

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Hayes replied to that saying “I was just being courteous to the fact that it seems like if you don’t pay the outstanding balance, they will probably send you to collections.”

He ends his email with phrase “BTW… Nice new T*ts”

Because that’s the appropriate thing to say in that situation… Not.

Obviously this has made many fans mad, here are some Twitter reactions to Robby's email leak. 

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