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Glee's Naya Rivera Was Arrested For Physically Attacking Her Husband

Happy Thanksgiving?

It was a strange Thanksgiving-weekend in the Rivera-Dorsey house, as the 30-year-old 'Glee' actress was taken into custody by West Virginia police. Rivera was out for a walk with her husband, Ryan Dorsey, and their son Josey when Rivera got violent and struck her husband in the head and bottom lip. 

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Dorsey gave police a video of Rivera allegedly assaulting him, to which they used to charge her. 

Rivera was taken into custody and arraigned at midnight with a thousand dollar bond. Her husband's father, strangely enough, bailed her out. The argument, according to police, was said to be over their 2-year-old son and that alcohol was a factor in the dispute. 

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Rivera filed for divorce against Dorsey this time last year, but retracted her filing a mere month ago. When Rivera filed for divorce, she tried to push for sole custody of their son. Up until recently, Rivera was quoted saying she enjoyed spending time with her husband and son now that they had reconciled. It's unclear as to how the couple will proceed following this dispute. 

Source: Us Magazine

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