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'Grey's Anatomy' Is Getting An Amazing New Spin-Off


Yes Yes YES! For the love of all that is Shonda Rhimes, we are so incredibly grateful that yet another television masterpiece is going to grace our screens. This 10-episode series comes straight to us from Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloane Memorial as a spin-of from a particular Grey's episode which we've yet to see. 

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While Grey's Anatomy starts up again on September 28th, this season might already be full of drama as Jason Georges aka Ben Warren aka Mr. Miranda Bailey will be joining the spin-off cast. What does that mean for Bailey?!?? 

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The spin-off is based around firefighters, living, loving and working hard. Although we're excited to see the series - and wonder whether or not it will outlast its 10 episodes - we're also worried what this means for Warren??? Will he come back to Grey's?? Are he and Bailey over for good?! We just don't know, but hope the best for our favourite series ship. 

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