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Hailey Baldwin Is Back On Instagram After A Brief Break And People Are Already Throwing Shade

Poor Hailey can't catch a break.

It's hard being a celebrity. Sure, there's plenty of perks like having other famous BFFs, getting to attend major events, and of course, money! But all of that comes at a major price - mental health.

Hailey Baldwin has been in the public eye a lot lately. From an outsiders perspective, it seems as though she's living out a life we could only dream of. She's married to Justin Bieber, has a super successful modeling and acting career, and has a ton of adoring fans.

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What seems to be perfect isn't always just that though. Baldwin recently took a hiatus from Instagram, claiming that it's been negatively affecting her mental health and causing her to suffer from anxiety. Instagram can be bad enough for us average Joe's at times, so I can't imagine what it's like for someone with as big of a following as her.

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Baldwin finally broke her silence yesterday and posted a super simplistic, yet meaningful image of a cross and a heart, likely to represent her strong relationship with her religion, and to let her fans know that she's doing okay, despite her disappearance from social media.

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While some fans left positive and encouraging comments for Baldwin to read, there definitely were some nasty trolls, accusing her of "seeking attention", or taking a break from IG as a way to "copy" Selena Gomez

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Via haileybieber

Via haileybieber

Fans of the couple would know that Justin and Hailey haven't been having the easiest time lately, and all this drama being stirred up by fans can't be much help for them - hence the social media absences. 

After these nasty comments, we wouldn't be surprised if Baldwin disables comments on her posts, or simply goes MIA from the 'gram again. Whatever happens, we hope that she and Justin are able to get through things together and come out stronger than ever.

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