It's a relief to know that, in 2019, true love still exists. With celebrity relationships falling apart left and right (I'm still not over Chris Pratt and Anna Faris), Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's romance is giving us life. In a recent interview, actress and Hailey's cousin Ireland Baldwin talked about why her cousin and Justin are perfect for each other

Over the weekend, Ireland talked to reporters at a Las Vegas night club opening. When asked about Hailey and Justin, she said: "They're perfect for each other because they’re like the same person. They’re both really sweet. They compliment each other. They’re both very loving of each other."

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Wow, how adorable is that? Ireland's ringing endorsement for the couple makes us all the happier the two decided to tie the knot at a New York City courthouse last fall. And, we couldn't be more excited for their upcoming wedding celebration. 

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Hailey and Justin have each other's backs for better or for worse. Ireland said the couple has connected through their shared struggles. "As life goes, we all go through shit," she said. "I think they’re really good for each other through what we all go all go through — anxiety, stress, whatever it is.” 

True that. If someone isn't there to support you in bad times, then they don't deserve you during good ones. When you're constantly in the public eye like Hailey and Justin are, it's so SO important to be with someone you can let your guard down around. Yay for love and stuff.

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