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Here Are All Of The Actors Who Wore Black Last Night But Are Still Supporting Hollywood’s Abusers

Turns out time isn't up in these actor's eyes.

If you watched the Golden Globes last night, it was a night of female empowerment to say the least. From Oprah's unbelievable speech that got not one but two standing ovations to 'Three Billboards' sweeping the actual awards portion. Though, many are questioning how deep the movement actually goes within Hollywood considering the number of actors who wore black to support #TimesUp but outside of the Globes have recently worked with the directors that sparked the movement in the first place.

While this list isn't exhaustive, these are the actors who showed up to the Golden Globes last night wearing black and/or the #TimesUp pin yet they have worked with Woody Allen or signed a petition to release Roman Polanski. Woody Allen has long been speculated to have assaulted many young female actresses, and his own adopted daughter has put forth allegations for years he raped her. Roman Polanski is a well known and loved director in Hollywood who fled the states after being arrested for having sex with a 13 year old as well as multiple other allegations.

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Timotheé Chalamant

Hollywood's newest rising star Timothée has gotten a massive amount of praise for his role in Call Me By Your Name as well as Lady Bird which respectively cleaned up at last night's awards show. Unfortunately, the lovable actor does have a very concerning new movie to add to his roster consider he is starring in Woody Allen's newest flick.

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Armie Hammer

Unfortunately yet another 'Call Me By Your Name' star ends up on this list after he actively praised Polanski's work and in an interview said "there’s not a lot of artists in history who don’t have something fucked up about them" in response to being asked if he would work with him. Then claimed that it would be fine to work with him because he is working with him "as an artist."

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Justin Timerblake

Justin Timberlake received a ton of backlash seeing as instead of quietly being a hypocrite while wearing his #TimesUp pin, he went as far to post on Instagram about the movement. The criticism of the star stems from his recent role in Woody Allen's "Wonder Wheel."

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Natalie Portman

Even though Natalie Portman may have made a name for herself last night when she noted through presenting the 'Best Director' category that all the nominees were male, it turns out she has actively defended Roman Polanski.

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Ewan Mcgregor

Ewan Mcgregor won big with a Globe for 'Best Actor In A Limited Series,' but was quite quiet in terms of the #TimesUp campaign. It makes sense though considering he has come under fire multiple times for praising and defending Roman Polanski.

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Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant will always be the lovable Rom-Com veteran we'll continue to die over. So it makes it especially hard to learn that he was yet another actor who signed a petition for the release of Roman Polanski and starred in his movie "Bitter Moon."

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone won big during last year's awards season and was present at the Globes last night. Unfortunately, while she wore black to the event, she has worked with Woody Allen for "Magic in Moonlight," and continues to actively praise his work.

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Jude Law

Jude Law was another actor who arrived to the Globes in a #TimesUp pin to support the #TimesUp movement yet he is starring in the upcoming new Woody Allen film.

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Steve Carell

Steve Carell, most notably known for his work on 'The Office' unfortunately has worked with Woody Allen during his role on "Café Society" and actively praises the director's work.

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Sally Hawkins

Sally Hawkins was part of this year's buzz considering 'The Shape Of Water' was one of the hottest movies this season. Unfortunately, while the star wore black to the event, she's worked with Woody Allen on "Blue Jasmine" and praised the director multiple times.

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