We're all familiar with the Bachelor in Paradise drama that stormed the internet during filming. The infamous Corinne/DeMario 'scandal'. And while ABC has made it abundantly clear that they are aware of the press and the magnitude of the situation, DeMario Jackson shed some very real light (and tears) on the whole ordeal last night with Chris Harrison. 

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The cast of BIP immediately came to DeMario's aid - with Raven & Jasmine clarifying that nothing bad happened between DeMario & Corinne. DeMario himself had similar sentiment to share, as he recounted the day of the incident. 

“The only thing I knew about Corinne was that she was the wild one from Nick's season,” DeMario said. “We got turnt up. We're hanging out, we're at the bar, and next thing I know we're making out. This was quick – like an hour or so.”

“She was like, ‘let's go to the pool,'” he continued. “One thing leads to another and the pool gets a little intense… I didn't think anything of it.” DeMario went on to say that the next day, all was well, and that he and Corinne spoke as normal. When Paradise was shut down, he admitted to shedding tears and not fully understanding the seriousness of the situation. 

“I'm not complaining, she's not complaining, it's on tape,” DeMario said. "I sent Corinne a message like, ‘Yo we broke Paradise,' as a joke." When he started reading the allegations about assault, DeMario revealed how emotional it made both him and his family stating that the media reception of both him and Corinne was hard. “I wish we could have spoke. I feel bad for her, because she was slut-shamed.”Corinne will be sitting down to spill her side of events next week, so BIP is really spacing out this drama. 

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In less scary dramatic news, BIP had one of the best goodbyes on the show's history yesterday. When angel & resident sweetheart Danielle M admitted she would be taking an amazing work opportunity to do charity work with children in Kenya. As someone who loves Danielle M (she truly is a chill, unproblematic version of Taylor Swift) it sucked to see her go. BUT thankfully, the way in which she left was dope af. 

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Cutest man 2017 aka Wells and Danielle M have been pals for quite some time. And if there was "anyone [she] would stay in paradise for, it would be Wells," if she had more time. Wells, being the super sweetheart that he was, walked Danielle out saying “If anyone deserved to find someone here, it's you," before KISSING HER BEAUTIFULLY like the perfect end to a gut-wrenching teen movie.

Safe to say, both myself and Danielle M were quite shook by the amazing moment. Danielle said in the car that she, “Wasn't expecting that. I can't believe that just happened. He's a good a kisser, Wells is a good kisser… I'm really glad I ended Paradise with a kiss. Maybe he's been under my nose this whole time. We'll have some things to talk about when I get back. ” Here's hoping these two lock this shit DOWN when they're in the same continent. Seriously, cutest couple ever!! 

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And last but not least, the woman everyone wants to find love more than anyone, Raven Gates was accused of having a threesome (????) with Sarah and Adam. Oh Raven, you poor thing. Even though she is very heart eyes for Adam, he is not heart eyes for her right now. When Raven said "Sarah, Adam and I spent the night together," that really meant, "We group cuddled for a bit," which is really not the most ideal romantic situation. It's okay, Raven! There's always Ben Z!

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