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Here's How Kim Kardashian Is Raising Her New Baby Differently Than Her Other Two Kids

Who would've thought?!

Kim Kardashian has had a quiet few days after the birth of her new baby, Chicago West, this past week. Kim did not carry or deliver Chicago herself; she and her husband Kanye West used a surrogate who deliver Chicago on January 15th. 

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Kim revealed that despite not becoming pregnant herself, this child-bearing experience was a lot more difficult than she would've thought. Kim noted that "not being in control" was a problem for her as her surrogate got further along in her pregnancy. 

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Kim made sure however that she and Kanye were the first people to have skin-to-skin contact with their baby in order for them to bond properly. Now that Chicago is at home, Kim is working extremely hard to make sure Chicago bonds with both her and Kanye, often refusing help from her staff. Since she could not physically carry Chicago like she did North and Saint, Kim wants to make sure they are close as they can be - both physically and emotionally. 

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"Kim’s a very hands-on mom," revealed a source. “Kim gets up for everything, in the middle of the night, especially in the first week. It’s really important they bond with the baby." Apparently, Kim's efforts have not been wasted since the source also revealed that, "Baby is settling in beautifully. Chi is sleeping a ton for now."

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Now that Kim has three kids, she is allegedly overjoyed with a source stating,“Kim is just so thrilled that her dream of having three kids finally came true. She’s really enjoying these few days just being with the baby and her family and soaking it all in." 

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