The brand new series, The Bachelor Winter Games premiered earlier this month. The four-episode series took Bachelor contestants from around the globe and made them compete for love and to be crowned winners of the Bachelor Winter Games.

There were contestants from the USA, Canada, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand and more. In the first episode, both Canadian contestants Kevin Wendt and Benoit Beausejour-Savard became front-runners. Bachelor star, Ashley I. became infatuated with Kevin and Benoit was instantly attracted to Clare Crawley. 

Well, the series wrapped up this weekend and fans were definitely a bit surprised at the ending. Kevin Wendt, Canadian firefighter and total hunk, stole Ashley I.'s heart and used his hockey skills to win the final challenge- figure skating. No one was surprised when Kevin and Ashley were named the winners of the Bachelor Winter Games.

What was more surprising was what happened at the Live After Show. Benoit Beausejour-Savard and Clare Crawley had a dramatic goodbye during the series and we thought that kind-hearted Canadian had lost his true love for good. It wasn't until the Live After Show that we realized this wasn't exactly true. Clare revealed that she had been secretly dating the Canadian all along! 

If you watched the show, you know that Benoit was a complete sweetheart and when Clare told him she wasn't "feeling it", our hearts were shattered. They had quickly begun dating as soon as she left the show. They had been face-timing, dating, calling, texting each other nonstop, oh and they're totally "in love". 

The show ended with Benoit professing his love for Clare and proclaiming that he wanted to be by her side forever, right before he asked her to marry him! Clare and Benoit are now engaged! So, there you have it: Kevin Wendt won the show, and Benoit won the love of his life. 

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