With TIFF in the city, Drake has been more active than ever whether it be showing up to premieres with LeBron James or hitting up his favourite hotspots. You'll remember that before Drake was a worldwide superstar, he was a humble Canadian actor, with dreams of making it big. Which is perhaps why he's so sentimental towards TIFF and movies in general. 

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Drake took to Instagram this past week to post this cute shot, captioning it, "The Florida Project is the best movie you will see this year😍💙🏝" Which is very on brand for Drizzy, especially with the heart eyes. 

As a big fan of the movie, it's no surprise Drake was spotted with the film's star at one of his favourite italian restaurants, Sotto Sotto. 

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Bria Vinaite, aka chronicflowers on Instagram, happily accepted Drake's invite like the rest of us would, and stayed out with the rapper until 2:30a.m. Bystanders said that the two looked cozy and that it was most definitely a date, as they left holding hands. 

via @chronicflowers

Vinaite, though definitely gorgeous, has not been an actress for long -The Florida Project is actually her first. She simply had a good Instagram presence and was promoting a line of 'weed-inspired clothing' when the movie's director slid into her Instagram DM's to see if she'd audition!

When asked about how she felt about the movie's success, Vinaite said, “I’ve been doing such crazy stuff. Stuff I’ve dreamed of and would just wanna cross off my bucket list,” she says. “At the end of every day, I’m just like, ‘That didn’t happen.’” I guess that includes dinner with one of the world's hottest artists, hm? 

Source: Page Six 

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