There's a new conspiracy theory that Meghan Markle has adopted a fake British accent. Yes, just when you thought that Markle was finally out of the news, she picks up a weird fake accent and the whole world is spinning. 

Meghan Markle is an American actress that recently married in the Royal Family. Last month, Markle married Prince Harry and officially became British royalty. As a member of the Royal Family, Markle is obligated to attend meet and greets, public appearances, formal affairs and much more. 

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During one of Markle's most recent public appearance, there was an unfortunate hiccup when meeting British fans. 

While introducing herself to citizens of the UK, fans noticed that Markle slipped in some words with a "British accent". The conspiracy started when @elzeiny99 posted a video of herself meeting Markle at a public event. In the video, you can faintly hear Markle saying "Fank you" instead of "Thank you". 

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She posted the video on her Twitter, excited that she got to meet Markle but Twitter users were quick to notice that Meghan thanked her with a slight British accent. 

Now fans are up in arms with the royal. The Twitterverse is sooooo upset that Markle would pretend to be British with that accent. If we're honest, it seems like Meghan has been around British people 24/7 that she's probably adopted a bit of a British accent.

Here are some of the tweets mocking Markle's "fake accent". 

Some users are comparing Markle to Madonna, who adopted a "British accent" and the U.K. was not happy about that either. 

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