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Here's What The Cast Of Degrassi: The Next Generation Looks Like In 2018

Take a look at the cast of Degrassi now!

There's no better Canadian story than Degrassi: The Next Generation. The series carried millennials through childhood and into our teen years. When our favourite characters graduated, we just had to watch the TV movies that followed. If there was any chance to see what happened to Spinner, JT, Emma and Manny, we had to keep watching.

After our favourite characters were off the air for almost a decade, we recently got a glimpse of the old days when Drake surprised everyone with his new music video, "I'm Upset". Drake secretly filmed the video with all of his old castmates and posted the video, shocking Degrassi fans everywhere.

Just yesterday, Drake posted a photo on Instagram and his former costar Miriam McDonald was caught leaving a flirtatious comment down below. After creeping Miriam's Instagram, it got us wondering, what does the rest of the cast look like now? 

Here's the cast of Degrassi in 2018. 

Miriam McDonald // Emma Nelson

@miriamkatherine26embedded via  

Cassie Steele // Manny Santos

@cassandrasteeleembedded via  

Shane Kippel // Gavin "Spinner" Mason

@shaneykippsembedded via  

Sarah Barrable-Tishauer // Liberty Van Zandt

@djmetimeembedded via  

Lauren Collins // Paige Michalchuk

@laurenfcollinsembedded via  

Adamo Ruggiero // Marco Del Rossi

@adamoaruggieroembedded via  

Stacey Farber // Ellie Nash

@staceyfarberembedded via  

Jamie Johnston // Peter Stone via  

Jake Goldsbie // Toby Isaacs

@jakegoldsbieembedded via  

JaJube Mandiela // Chantay Black

@jajubemembedded via  

Ryan Cooley // JT Yorke

@ryan_cooleyembedded via  

Daniel Clark // Sean Cameron

@thedanielclarkembedded via  

Charlotte Arnold // Holly J. Sinclair

@charlotte__grayembedded via  

Melissa McIntyre // Ashley Kerwin

@melmac63embedded via  

Jake Epstein // Craig Manning

@itgoesthereembedded via  

Drake // Jimmy Brooks

@champagnepapiembedded via  






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