Riverdale, a.k.a. everyone's favourite Netflix teen drama, recently got green lit for a third season. The TV series has been a major hit since it premiered in October 2017, with a record audience of 2.3 million. It's safe to say that the show owes a huge amount of that success to its amazing cast. 

There's nothing that Riverdale fans love more than getting to know their favourite cast members IRL. So, we did some digging and found out what each one of them were up to before they landed their role on the show. 

1. Lili Reinhart / Betty Cooper

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Lili appeared in a couple of big-name TV shows before Riverdale, including Law & Order and Surviving Jack. But, it took years of auditions, rejections and struggle to finally get her break. She moved to L.A. by herself when she was 18, where she says she lived in three different apartments, dealt with weird roommates, and spent her days sitting in her room watching Netflix waiting for auditions to come in. Finally, all that work and waiting around finally paid off. We're proud of you, Lili!

2. Madelaine Petsch / Cheryl Blossom

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Madelaine's come-up story has to be the most inspiring of them all. Before Riverdale, Madelaine was working three jobs a day to pay her rent in Los Angeles. She worked at a coffee shop in the morning, a photographer's assistant during the day, and as a hostess at a Beverly Hills restaurant at night.

Somehow, she still found time to squeeze in every audition she could get. She told Cosmopolitan, "there were nights I was at home, crying, thinking I'd never make it. I’d get up the next day and go to the audition, do my best and try my hardest." 

3. Camila Mendes / Veronica Lodge

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Unlike Madelaine, Camila Mendes rose to fame overnight. Her role as Veronica Lodge was her first acting gig after graduating from New York University. She said in an interview, "I came out of college and kind of stepped right into this, and sometimes I’m like, how did that even happen? How did I get so lucky? How was it so easy?"

Considering how beautiful and talented she is, we aren't surprised whatsoever. 

 4. KJ Apa / Archie Andrews

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New Zealand-born AJ Kapa was best known for his leading role on the soap opera Shortland Street and The Cul De Sac. He scored his gig on Riverdale after a four-month worldwide talent search. He also used to be a brunette. 

5. Cole Sprouse / Jughead Jones

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Unless you spent your childhood under a rock, you're probably well aware of Cole Sprouse's first claim to fame on The Suite Life of Zach And Cody. Arguably the best show on television before Riverdale. After Suite Life, Cole kept it pretty low key. He took classes at New York University, traveled the world and took stunning photographs, which he showcases on his Insta feed.

Source: Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, J-14

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