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Here's When Kylie Jenner Is Going To Talk About Her Pregnancy

Damn KJ.

Even though we've been hearing rumours of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy since September of this year, when TMZ reported the young Jenner was due in February, don't think she's going to confirm anything anytime soon. To be fair, she has a decent reason that you're going to want to hear. 

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The star has taken a notable absence from public appearances as well as full-body shots, making fans believe that the rumours are true. Mama Kris Jenner teased that her daughters may be expecting with a revealing Instagram, Kim even drank a sardine smoothie to keep from talking about the KarJenner buns in the oven. But Kylie is going to be revealing her baby news on her own terms, despite the crazy hints she's been dropping on the 'gram. 

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A source recently told People that Kylie "is focusing on her happiness and health. She’s not doing any public appearances and just wanted to take six months off." The source also claims that Kylie doesn't plan to talk pregnancy or even about her baby until she's already given birth, so you can stop hoping for a glamorous baby-reveal pregnancy photo surrounded by lip-kits. (I really thought she'd do it that way, tbh.) 

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While Kylie is going to be hiding her bod for the next couple months, her selfie game has been nothing but strong. Here's to more hints and more KJ until that baby comes! 

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