Wow guys, so much has come to light since yesterday's announcement of Arie Jr. as next season's Bachelor. I initially was excited and shocked, seeing Arie was a blast from the past choice from Emily Maynard's season 5 years ago. But I had fond memories of watching the smooth-moved race car driver and hoped for the best season yet.

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Since the public announcement of Arie as The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation has been a stir with rumours about how despicable Arie really is. We'd like to say that the majority of it is hearsay or jealous exes trying to trash the star's reputation - but the most credible of Bachelor sources is backing up the claims. The one and only, Reality Steve

Reality Steve is a Bachelor expert who somehow figures out everything before the public does. He has many sources that spill exclusive Bachelor secrets to him, making him aware of Bachelor plot lines, drama and winners before the footage hits our screens. Reality Steve took to Twitter to warn us of exactly who Arie is and what he's capable of. 

One source claims Arie dumped his girlfriend of a year to be the season lead, seeing as all his photos with this woman - Sydney - have since been deleted, while hers remain up. She also tweeted this revealing statement: 

Suggesting that Arie is a two-timer. Two of Arie's other ex-girlfriends came forward and tweeted a sarcastic 'good luck' to any of the girls on his season, saying they were more 'embarrassed than sad.' Yikes. 

Most shockingly of all, apparently Arie has a thing for underaged girls - or so we hear. Him and fellow Bachelorette cast mate Jef Holm allegedly used to scowl sororities for girls to hook-up with. Considering they were in their mid-thirties, this is something a lot scarier than I thought we'd find out about Arie...

Though Jef Holm did deny these accusations, he did add that he and Arie are no longer friends because the season lead is 'disgusting'. 

Who knows what tea will spill about the new season lead? Stay tuned. We'll be drinking allllll of it.  

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