Many of us grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, and to this day, I'm still absolutely obsessed with Hilary Duff. From her stint on Gossip Girl to her 'Material Girls' movie, there's been so much to appreciate and love!

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Just today, Hilary and her boyfriend Matthew Koma shared more exciting news! They're expecting a baby girl! From the photo, it looks as though she's probably 4 months along, meaning we can expect the newest Duff baby some time this winter!

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Duff's first son, from her ex Mike Comrie, is named Luca Cruz. He's just 6 years old, but from how close he and Duff are, it looks as though he'll be an amazing big brother to his new baby sister!

Duff and Koma were former lovers, and recently re-kindled their flame for a third time just a few months ago, back in December! It seems third time's the charm, though, as this time they'll have an adorable baby girl together to celebrate!

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Hilary's older sister Haylie also just gave birth a few days ago, making Hilary an aunt! Haylie named her baby Lulu, and her oldest daughter, Ryan, is very excited to be a big sister!

One thing's for sure, we can't get enough of these super cute Duff babies! We can't wait to see all the updates on Hilary's pregnancy, and find out what she's going to name her little princess!

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