For a very long time, Drake has been one of my favourite musicians, and I was even lucky enough to check him out in concert recently. When I first became a fan of rap music, it was songs like 'Best I Ever Had' and 'Over' that I would listen to on my old iPod Nano, and those are songs that I still listen to, to this very day.

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As much as I like Drake's music though, there's one thing about him that I've been having a hard time ignoring lately. Let me just put it out there - the guy is pretty f*cking creepy.

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Recently, the internet hasn't been shy about calling out celebrities for their inappropriate behaviour. R. Kelly and Kevin Spacey are just two of the names that are currently facing a lot of flack, but there are definitely many more. Both of these men have been accused of being sexually involved with minors, among other things.

Isn't it funny then how Drake has publically been involved with minors, yet nobody seems to really say anything? What makes Drake so special? Why does he get the golden pass to do whatever he wants, no matter how weird and creepy it actually is? This is something that makes absolutely no sense to me, and I think it's time we address it.

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First of all, there's the fact that the girl he's been rumored to have been dating, Bella Harris, is only 18. Sure, 18 means legal, but we also need to take into account that Drake is 31, which leaves a pretty major age gap between the two. There was also some speculation that the had been together since 2016, when Harris was 16 and Drake was 29.

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Next, there's the super unusual relationship Drake has with 14-year old actress, Millie Bobbie Brown. Now, we can't say TOO much about this friendship, but one thing I will say is that when I was 14, my mom definitely would not have been okay with me texting a 31-year old man, even if he was Drake. It's been said that the two talk about things like relationship advice, which is also kind of creepy in itself. 

Now, here's where things get really creepy. Over the past few days, a video of Drake performing a few years back has resurfaced and gone viral:

In the video, Drake has a fan on stage with him while he performs. He's clearly flirting with the girl, complimenting her hair and touching her. The two eventually kiss, and then Drizzy takes a moment to ask her how old she is. When she shares that she's 17, the crowd, and Drake, lose it. 

Most grown men would cut it off at this point, but Drake takes the opportunity to sneak in a few extra kisses. I don't know about you, but I think that's extra creepy. Some may say that the girl could have said no, or told Drake her age before, but if you were invited on stage at a Drake concert in front of thousands of people, would you? Probably not. So much is happening at once and you don't know how to react.

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Yet another thing that's been bugging me lately is Drake's relationship with Chris Brown. If you've followed @champagnepapi for years, you'd know that he claims to have been in love with Rihanna for most of his adult life. What's he doing hanging out with her abuser then?!

If Drake had even an ounce of the respect he claims to have for Rihanna, he wouldn't be inviting Chris on-stage during his tour, or posting photos with him on Instagram. Drake is a grown man, with a child, who actively hangs out with men who are known abusers, while also hitting on women who are much younger than him. 

I'm not saying that Drake doesn't make good music, and I'm not saying that I haven't supported him. What I am saying though, is that we need to keep an eye on men like Drake before they get to the level that R. Kelly, Kevin Spacey, and the dozens of other creepy men and women out there have reached.

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