Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shippers have another file to add to their "proof that they're dating" pile, thanks to Gaga's Ex Christian Carino. While Gaga is trying her best to convince people that the breakup between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk had nothing to do with her, her ex just made things even more difficult. Irina Shayk caught Christian Carino's attention with a sexy photo

After Bradley's and Irina's split was confirmed last week, Irina has been posting photos from a beach vacation she seems to be on. One of those photos gained the like of Lady Gaga's ex. In the photo, she stands with her back to the camera wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Fans immediately noticed that Christian Carino liked the models Instagram photo. 

This post and like comes right after The Sun revealed that Gaga and Bradley speak all the time. Lady Gaga recently responded to fans chanting Bradley Cooper at one of her concerts with, "and one more thing, be kind or F*ck off." A source has even admitted to Us that, "nothing romantic" happened between the two co-stars while filming A Star Is Born

That hasn't stopped people on social media from digging for more evidence of the couple's relationship. While most people commented words of encouragement under Irina's picture, other fans confirmed their belief in Gaga and Bradley. One fan even commented, "Lady Gaga was like: 'break up with your girlfriend yeah yeah cause i'm bOooerd..'"

Despite the denial, fans are still betting on Gaga and Bradley to emerge as a couple any day now. 

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