It can be a scary time when your favourite show is about to end. The stress of trying not to have high expectations for the last chapter of your favourite characters is VERY real. Because most Network TV series tend to overstay their welcome and travel into the realm of bad writing and cliché tropes, it's always nice when a long-running TV show DOES end on a good note. Fans think Jane the Virgin had the best series finale

Jane the Virgin aired its series finale last night after 5 seasons of being on the air. And although it ended on a huge plot twist for all the characters, fans loved it for coming "full circle."

If you haven't watched the finale yet, there are tons of spoilers ahead. 

The series ended with Raphael and Jane's magical wedding, where all the characters were united as one. Just when we thought it was over, the writers left us with a huge plot twist; the narrator was revealed to be Jane and Raphael's son Mateo. And on top of that, Mateo was actually narrating his mother's novella that Jane had been writing throughout the series! 

Fans think this is the best way the show could have ended and are ecstatic. 

We're glad that fans of the show were able to enjoy their happy tears instead of feeling disappointed about how their favourite characters ended up. Kudos to the Jane the Virgin writers' room!

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