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Jennifer Aniston Is Secretly Dating Two Guys At Once And Here's What We Know About Them

Jennifer Aniston has two new men in her life, and neither of them are actors.

Jennifer Aniston has definitely bounced back from her and Justin Theroux's split. The couple announced their divorce five months ago, after being married for two and a half years. Justin has already had a string of rebounds since, from a brief fling with Toronto artist Petra Collins to dating Emma Stone and Selena Gomez at the same time.

Clearly inspired by Justin, Jen's also reportedly dating two guys at once. She's doing her best to keep the whole thing on the down-low, but sources close to Jen have revealed some very surprising details about the two new guys in Jen's life.

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Jen was reportedly all smiles while on set in Montreal last week for her upcoming Netflix film Murder Mystery. Jen will be co-starring in the film with Adam Sandler.

Sources say that Jen's currently "being wooed by two men," neither of which are even in the acting world.  

The first guy is a tech tycoon, who was reportedly introduced to Jen by a close friend. He's also recently divorced, and is "trying to win Jen over," a source tells US Weekly

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The second guy is "an industry creative she met when they started working on a project together several months ago,” says the source.

Jen's friends are excited for her, and seem supportive of her decision to date outside of the industry. From her shocking divorce from Brad Pitt and later Justin Theroux, Jen seems to have a bit of a toxic history with actors. 

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“They can hardly keep it a secret when they’re so happy to see Jen moving on,” the source reveals.  But, friends say that Jen's just enjoying the single life right now. "She's very happy being single. She is focused on her own happiness," the source says.

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