Jennifer Lawrence, who is also the top paid actress in the world, is apparently over acting for right now. 

She has been acting since she was 14, when someone scouted her out on a family trip to NYC. However, her career didn't really take off until she was about 20 when she was the third-youngest person to be nominated for an Academy Award. Getting her big break in Winter's Bone and then landing the role in Hunger Games, her life really did change. 


However, Jennifer Lawrence recently told Elle that she was ready to take a break after being non-stop for 7 years. She's been shooting at least 3 movies a year for the past 7 years, and ultimately became Hollywood's most loved actress. When a movie of hers "flops", that means it only made $303 million dollars. That movie was Passengers, but that's definitely not the reason why she wants to take a break. 

She told Elle, "I’d pictured myself being in indies, living a pretty normal life" when she graduated high school early. However, now that's all she really wants to do. "I want to get a farm," she told the magazine when asked what was next in her career besides writing a comedy with Amy Schumer and interviewing/admiring the Kardashians. "I want to be, like, milking goats.” Okay, Jen. Whatever floats your boat. 

via @smilingeverdeen

Even if she does take a break for a little bit, she still has three movies coming out next year including X-Men, which is apparently her last. From her witty, sarcastic interviews to her versatile talent when it comes to acting, we will definitely miss her if she does decide to take a break. 

It was also just revealed that her and her boyfriend of a year, Darren Aronofsky, had split. They were 22 years apart and their relationship was super private, but don't worry Jen, you'll have those goats to keep you company.

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